Introduction, and what is “Cake Television?”

Hello and welcome to my blog.

With this blog, I hope to write about trends in the dessert world, like dessert reality shows, what’s hot in the amateur baking world, or ongoing debates like fondant vs. buttercream frosting. Something that also intrigues me is the seemingly recent rise in interest of food in general, and how we can reconcile this interest with America’s obesity epidemic.

The Food Network announced last November that the upcoming 10th season of “Ace of Cakes” would be the TV show’s last. “Ace of Cakes,” the show that made Baltimore bakery Charm City Cakes nationally famous, seems to have been the first show in what bakery owner Duff Goldman calls the “genre of cake television.”

In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, Goldman commented on the subset of reality television that his show seems to have created, and said that later shows like TLC’s “Cake Boss” cheapened the genre by being negative. He went on to say:

We were never negative. We never yelled at each other. We’re a group of friends who really love each other. And we were able to keep that for so long. The rest of them, they’re so fake, they’re so set-up, it’s just bad television. Cake television is pretty catty, pretty mean. So we’ll let the catty people have it. We’ll move on.

Goldman may be optimistic in thinking that all employees in bakeries can be great friends without much conflict. After all, most of the people Carlo’s Bakery (the setting for “Cake Boss”) employs are relatives of the show’s protagonist and main baker, Buddy Valastro. Family-run businesses are rarely without conflict.

Still, the pressure to bake on camera may be too much for some even without added family drama. Merci Beaucoup Cakes, one of the featured bakeries on “Amazing Wedding Cakes” announced in December that they would not return for a third season of the WEtv show.

Goldman has announced he will continue making shows for the Food Network, but will people watch? Has “cake television” lost its flavor?

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3 Responses to Introduction, and what is “Cake Television?”

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  2. June says:

    I love Ace of Cakes and I’ve always wondered what the individuals featured on all the baking shows thought of one another; I’m so glad you wrote about this! What a great example of the interesting world of all-things-baking. Go Gail!!

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