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I ran into a problem as I began to search for a list of good resources for my blog:  The world of food criticism and blogging is vast. There seems to be an endless number of wonderful Food & Wine sections in newspapers, and many more blogs about food, gourmet or amateur. Yet these blogs and websites focus on food in general, which is not my goal. I have found a number of wonderful blogs explicitly for baking, but many of them tend to be recipe-only, which was also not exactly what I was looking for.

To find the right mix of baking news and trends, I realized that following a mix of both traditional food blogs and more specific baking blogs would be the best fit for my purposes. Though I am following more than these five, the list below contains the blogs and news sites that I have found to be the most helpful places to start.

  1. The Food section: This section of includes the restaurant reviews, recipes and all that is found in the Food section of the Boston Globe, with a few extras, including the “Dishing” blog. This website helps me see what’s locally trendy in baking and desserts through feature articles and restaurant reviews. The “Dishing” blog also has updates that are relevant to baking from time to time.
  2. CakeSpy: This website and blog describes itself as a “Dessert Detective Agency” that scours the country for great baked goods. Jessie Oleson, the site’s “Head Spy,” interviews bakers across the country, reviews bakeries nation-wide, and posts quirky recipes that go far beyond just cake.
  3. Oh My! Sugar High: Launched last summer, the two moms who run this baking blog have really embraced their blog, and already have a great deal of variety in the kinds of baked goods they discuss and post recipes about. The one caveat to this blog is that recently they seem to be writing a lot about “cake pops” and I just noticed a widget about Wilton cake pop products to the right of their content. I’m not sure if Wilton is paying this blog to talk about their products, but I will look into it.
  4. Beantown Baker: This blog chronicles the baking adventures of a local woman. Though she posts about main dishes as well as baked goods, her posts are straightforward and unpretentious, something that is helpful to me, the college baker on a budget without a fancy kitchen. She is also well-connected to the Boston food blogging scene which allows me to stay informed on what other local bloggers are doing.
  5. Diner’s Journal: The food blog of the New York Times, Diner’s Journal covers a broad array of food-related subjects: food, drink, etiquette, restaurants, etc. What I find most helpful about this blog is the “What We’re Reading” feature, a daily post that links any and all interesting food articles from news sites across the web.

There are a few more baking blogs and sites that I have begun to found useful, but I believe this list is a good place to start, and these sites seem to be the most comprehensive and relevant to my specific goals for this blog.

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