“Cake Television” Goes Mainstream

Duff Goldman speaks at an unknown event in June, 2010.

Yesterday was National Chocolate Cake Day. I guess I should’ve made a chocolate cake instead of scones.

Speaking of cake, Duff Goldman and a few staff members from Charm City Cakes in Baltimore were on The Price Is Right today. After coming home from class and turning on the show in time for the “showcase showdown” (I’ll admit this is a regular routine I have), I was surprised to see Goldman emerge from behind the folding curtain.

According to the Charm City Cakes blog, this episode originally aired January 7, but reran today.

Goldman and cake decorators Geof Manthorne and Katherine Hill three themed cakes they had baked to introduce the showcase items, which included a trip to Baltimore and tour of Charm City Cakes and a one-on-one baking lesson with Goldman himself.

The contestant didn’t win the showcase, but everyone in the audience received one of Goldman’s books, “Ace of Cakes: Inside the World of Charm City Cakes.”

In a previous post, I discussed Goldman’s comments on how he no longer wanted to be a part of “cake television,” a genre of TV he said had become too “catty.”

So what does this appearance on CBS mean? Goldman may say he’s ready to be done with “Ace of Cakes,” but it seems he’s not ready to be finished showcasing his cakes on television completely.

Photo (cc) by cupcakestacie under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

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