Superbowl Staples: Cornbread

Corn bread and chili are Superbowl staples.

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and for many, the food served at Super Bowl parties can be just as important as the game.

One of the most popular dishes served at such gatherings is chili, a stew that usually contains meat and can be made with varying degrees of spiciness, depending on the preferences of the cook. There are really endless variations of chili recipes, and the Deseret News has seven of them. For a lower fat recipe and two others, check out the Providence Journal’s favorite chili dishes for the Super Bowl.

But what I’m more interested in than chili is what’s served with it: Corn bread. Corn bread is porous enough to sop up leftover chili but hearty enough to practically be a meal in itself. Like chili, there are many ways to make corn bread.

A debate that’s raged throughout the country is how to make the best corn bread. Should it be sweet, like people in New England tend to make it? Or is the right way in a skillet, which seems more like the Southern or Tex-Mex way to bake it?

An article in yesterday’s Boston Globe outlines the debate fairly thoroughly, tracing Boston’s roots to corn bread all the way back to 1634. Though while a lot of the time it’s easier to break down the debate to a geographical difference, both sides of the debate have their nuances. Food consultant Julia Shanks said many corn bread recipes in her Southern cookbooks call for at least some sugar, and New Orleanians tend to put jalapeños in their corn bread.

Shanks seems to sum up the debate by claiming both ways of baking have their merits, saying:

“You can serve it with beef, or serve it as cake.’’

Speaking of cake, I used a Jiffy Corn Bread mix yesterday to make corn muffins, which turned out decently well.

Corn muffins. Only one muffin lost its bottom in the transfer process.

Jiffy’s website has a whole range of inventive recipes that can be created from the Corn Muffin Mix. Though sugar is included as one of the ingredients, I don’t think I would call these muffins “sweet.”

Interested in making some corn bread for your Super Bowl party? Cookie Madness has recipes for both a sweet version or a skillet version.

Top photo (cc) by studiogabe under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

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