Baking Brief: Google Recipes

A screenshot of a search for "brownies" using the Google Recipe tab.

A quick post before I declare myself officially on spring break for the week:

I saw a post on the Boston Globe “Business Updates” blog declaring that Google has come up with a new search view option that’s handy for cooks and bakers. The “Recipe” tab automatically appears as the last option of ways to filter a search when searching for something food-related. If your search isn’t food related, the “Recipe” tab is still there, just hidden under more options.

After taking a very brief look at this new option, it seems to be pretty helpful, though not groundbreaking. There’s a way to filter recipes for specific ingredients, or to choose recipes under a certain time limit or amount of calories.

So far, however, most of top hits the recipes I’ve seen in the few searches I’ve made seem to come from the Food Network site or

I just hope this isn’t a new way for big websites like these to advertise through Google, though I’m sure when recipe searches get more specific, more food websites and blogs will become top hits.

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