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Max Brenner Brings Chocolate to Boston

I’ve been sick since Saturday night with some form of nasty stomach flu. I’m getting better, but over the past few days I’ve learned that it is extremely difficult as a person who blogs about baking to read baking and … Continue reading

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Jeff Howe Talks About Crowdsourcing and Journalism

Jeff Howe was our guest speaker in my journalism class on Friday, speaking about, amongst other things, crowdsourcing. Howe is the newest faculty member to the School of Journalism, a former Nieman Fellow and author of Crowdsourcing: Why the Power of … Continue reading

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Taking Another Look at Google Recipes

Is the Google Recipe function actually hurting the people who use it? That’s the question Amanda Hesser seems to be asking in an opinion article for, a website I’ll admit I’ve never been to until today. While cruising my … Continue reading

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Flour Bakery Lives Up to the Hype

Before I began writing this blog, I had never heard of Flour Bakery. Almost immediately after  subscribing to local and not-so-local baking blogs, however, I learned a lot about Joanne Chang and her famous bakery chain. I’ve read many blog … Continue reading

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Cheap Eats: Thornton’s Restaurant & Cafe

The outside of Thornton’s Restaurant & Cafe. Our latest class assignment seemed simple enough:  Find a restaurant that could be classified as “cheap eats” and review it. We’ll make a Google Map of all 17 locations this coming week. My … Continue reading

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Can Maps Be Journalism?

Recently in my Reinventing the News class, we’ve been talking about maps as sources of information and journalism. We looked at a variety of different maps, some created by newspapers and some created by the government or independent businesses. The … Continue reading

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Final Project Proposal

For our final project in my Reinventing the News class, each student has to write a feature article, create a video and a photo slideshow, and use social media for some component of our reporting. All of this has to … Continue reading

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