Final Project Proposal

For our final project in my Reinventing the News class, each student has to write a feature article, create a video and a photo slideshow, and use social media for some component of our reporting. All of this has to document some facet of new media, and hopefully, though it’s not mandatory, this will be related to our beat in some way.

I’ve chosen to focus on Jen, the author of Beantown Baker. I chose Jen not only because she is local and has a baking blog, but also because she is pretty well known in the baking-blog world and seems to be very good at networking and creating relationships with other food bloggers.

In addition to blogging, Jen has a full-time job as an engineer, which I think is very encouraging to aspiring bloggers. In my opinion, that she is able to both speaks to the idea we’ve talked about often in my class that blogging can be a real tool to enhance reporting, and shouldn’t be seen as an added burden.

The second half of my project is Cupcake Camp Boston, which is happening April 13 in Somerville. I imagine the event, which Jen is partially involved with, will be great for live-tweeting and taking photos for my slideshow.

I first heard of Cupcake Camp during my co-op last year at the Boston Globe in the North section. One of our reporters, Danielle Dreilinger, had gone to cover the event for the Your Town Somerville website. She sent me the photos she took and I created a slideshow for the site.

As I made the slideshow (which I can no longer find a link to), I remember thinking, “What is this awesome event, and why have I never heard of it before?” Turns out, it’s a national event that happened in Boston for the first time last year. I vowed that the next year I would try to remember to attend it. This year, I have the perfect opportunity to check out Cupcake Camp in person while getting great information and visuals for my final project.

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