Cheap Eats: Thornton’s Restaurant & Cafe

The outside of Thornton’s Restaurant & Cafe.

Our latest class assignment seemed simple enough:  Find a restaurant that could be classified as “cheap eats” and review it. We’ll make a Google Map of all 17 locations this coming week.

My definition of “cheap eats” has definitely changed since moving into Boston, where everything seems more expensive than the suburbs. After changing my mind a few times on where I would review, I finally landed on Thornton’s Restaurant and Cafe, which is located in between the infamous Midtown Hotel and the Prudential Center.

Though I’d never been there myself, my roommate raves about it, and I love a good breakfast place. Looking at the menu online, I realized this place qualified as “cheap” – definitely for Boston and probably anywhere within a half-hour of the city.

I went with a friend on Friday at around 12:45 p.m., and there were plenty of free tables. The restaurant is fairly small, about 15 tables total, though it doesn’t feel claustrophobic because the front wall is all windows. Everything seemed clean and the decor was homey and cute.

We got to choose any free table, and after placing our drink order, were brought over an appetizer basket of seasoned pita chips with hummus. We both agreed the hummus wasn’t the most flavorful we’d ever had, but weren’t about to complain about a free and unexpected appetizer.

Our complimentary basket of pita chip strips and hummus.

Thornton’s serves both breakfast and lunch, and the back of the menu informed us that breakfast is served all day. The lunch menu was surprisingly extensive, and I briefly contemplated ordering the nachos before I saw the waffle options. I’m a sucker for a well-made Belgian waffle, so I ordered one plain and an English muffin. My companion ordered French Toast and two scrambled eggs.

My breakfast: orange juice, a Belgian waffle and English muffin.

Our food came fairly quickly. The French Toast, which is hidden in the picture behind our pita chips, looked like it was made with French bread, and I’m told was “crunchy where it should be and soft where it’s supposed to be.”  My friend said his scrambled eggs were “a little runny,” but over all, he said the food was good and he would definitely come back. My food was also good, especially the waffle. I’ve had more expensive waffles at other breakfast places in the city that were not as tasty as this one, so Thornton’s gets points for being inexpensive and having quality food.

Over all, the service was fast and friendly, and the prices were great.

The check. Breakfast for two under $20!

Breakfast for two under $20 (without tip, of course)? I’d say that’s a cheap eat! I love finding a good breakfast spot, and now that I’ve tested this one out myself, I’ll definitely be going back soon.

The basics:

Thornton’s Restaurant & Cafe

150 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115



Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday & Sunday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Handicap accessible?


Accepts credit cards?

Visa and MasterCard only

Price range?

Breakfast: $4.95 – $9.75

Lunch: $4.75 – $9.45

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One Response to Cheap Eats: Thornton’s Restaurant & Cafe

  1. BJ Roche says:

    Infamous MidTown? I love the MidTown! It’s relatively cheap, there are always lots of Europeans there, and it’s an easy location if you’re coming in from the pike. Thanks for this story, now I have a place to eat breakfast the next time I stay in the neighborhood.

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