Max Brenner Brings Chocolate to Boston

The outside of Max Brenner on Boylston St.

I’ve been sick since Saturday night with some form of nasty stomach flu. I’m getting better, but over the past few days I’ve learned that it is extremely difficult as a person who blogs about baking to read baking and food blogs day after day while only being able to eat Cheerios.

What’s more difficult than that? Not being able to go to the opening of Max Brenner! A friend of mine is going to the preview night of the international chocolate restaurant tonight to review it for The Huntington News.

The newest location of this inventive restaurant is at 745 Boylston St. in Boston’s Back Bay. The Boston Globe’s YourTown site had a brief write-up of the restaurant, whose menu includes both chocolate items like waffle fries dusted with chili and cocoa powder, and “regular” food like pizza, salads and burgers.

While browsing the brunch menu, I noticed their “After Party Belgian Waffle,” which is topped with strawberries, whipped cream,  strawberry honey and melted white chocolate.

My attempt at a chocolate waffle.

I made chocolate waffles over spring break with this recipe from Tales From a Kitchen Misfit. It was my first attempt at waffles in my new waffle maker, and while everyone in my family enjoyed them, I felt that they were lacking a little something.

Perhaps it was the berry flavor? Brenner’s waffle adds strawberries and Kitchen Misfit’s recipe added blackberries.

While perusing the “Sweets” menu, I noticed that it doesn’t have any sort of brownie on it. There’s more than enough chocolate indulgence to satisfy even my chocolate sweet tooth, but there’s something about brownies that I just love. They’re simple enough to make, don’t take very long, but are, in my opinion, more dessert-like than cookies.

But with such outrageously decadent desserts as the “Chocolate Chunks Pizza” and “Deep Fudge Chocolate Cake & Shake,” I don’t think anyone who goes to Max Brenner will leave feeling like they missed out on anything.

Photo (cc) Max Brenner, from the @MaxBrennerUSA Twitter account.

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