Baking Brief: Another Round of Cake TV

Massachusetts native Jorg Amsler works on a cake in the season premiere of Last Cake Standing.

In one of my first blog posts, I talked about the idea of “cake television,” a term that Duff Goldman of “Ace of Cakes” fame coined. The idea that there’s a whole subset of reality TV centered around cakes and cupcakes is pretty interesting.

Contributing to this small but popular genre is “Last Cake Standing,” a show that just started its second season last Sunday. The first season ran in 2009 as a part of “Food Network Challenge.” This season, the show is on its own, and will award $100,000 to one of eight pastry chefs who will be crowned “Best Cake Artist in America.” This post from the LA Times’ food blog has more information on the show and some of the challenges planned.

The newest addition to cake television will be “Staten Island Cakes,” a show that’s airing on WEtv June 21, according to Entertainment Weekly. The channel has been advertising their new show, which seems like an attempt to capitalize on America’s obsession with people from places like New Jersey and Staten Island. Perhaps WEtv executives are hoping the 21-year-old owner of The Cake Artist, Vinny Buzzetta, will be the next Buddy Valastro from TLC’s Cake Boss?

Buzzetta is currently being featured in three episodes of this season’s Amazing Wedding Cakes, also on WEtv. This profile of the young pastry chef from, a Staten Island news website, claims that the show will be a balance of life at the bakery and life at home with his family.

Both “Last Cake Standing” and “Staten Island Cakes” seem to be appealing to different spectrums of the “cake television” genre. With these two new shows, will we be seeing more diversity to the cake TV in the future?

Photo (cc) Food Network. Some rights reserved.

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